Access to corpora at GU

Many of the corpora available at the GU CQPweb interface and ANNIS web interface are available on an open access basis and require no password. However some corpora are restricted either to staff and students at GU via an institutional license (often through our membership in the LDC) or by a more specific license, and require you to apply for a login via e-mail as described below (a better, automated system is planned - stay tuned). There are three types of corpus access:

Open access corpora

These corpora are distributed under a license that allows open access to the resources (e.g. Creative Commons licenses). You do not need a login for these corpora - just click on the corpus link to enter. For more information on how to cite these corpora and what you are allowed to do with the data, see the corpus documentation pages linked from the metadata in the interface.

GU institutional license  

GU staff and students are automatically eligible for logins in corpora marked with the icon:  . The institutional license is only valid for as long as you are an actively enrolled student or staff member at Georgetown. You may not retain and reuse data after your affiliation with GU ends. If you have a valid GU NetID and would like to receive a login, please send an e-mail from your GU account with your NetID and a brief description of your interests to corpora at georgetown followed by a dot and edu.

Other licenses / inquire for access  

Some corpora are offered under a restricted license, either because of legal requirements, or limitations on the number of concurrent users that some license impose, or because of limited computational resources. The latter is primarily relevant for 'big data' materials, such as Web corpora, which could overload server capacity if too many users are allowed access at once. If you are interested in a corpus marked with this icon: please contact us explaining your interest in the corpus and your affiliation, at corpora at georgetown followed by a dot and edu.